Brody Hinz
18 Years Old
Born: December 10, 1999
Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

Gentle giant, avid researcher, helping hand, numbers wizard, sports kingpin, passionate and positive.

Brody was always a happy and playful young person who developed a love of sports at a very early age – including being a fan of the Humboldt Broncos.  He played soccer and bowling, and in his teenage years he played football with the Humboldt Mohawks. The Big Brothers Association was a very important part of Brody’s life.  He also participated in the Special Olympics, attended the United Church regularly, enjoyed many moments at the soup kitchen, volunteered in many community service activities.

The Humboldt Bronco organization and players were a very special part of his life. Since the age of seven, he attended games whenever possible. Bronco players devoted time in mentoring Brody which meant a lot to him. When the opportunity to participate in preparing stats for his beloved Broncos arrived, he was over the moon.  Sitting next to Tyler Bieber at games and working the stats were some of his most enjoyable moments.  During Bronco games, he helped in any way possible.  Working with Bolt FM really helped his blogging and stat skills began to shine.  He planned to continue his involvement with the Broncos, and eventually attend the University of Regina to take Sports Management. Brody, we miss you so much, you have touched all our hearts.