Evan Thomas
#17 - Centre
18 Years Old
Born: September 6, 1999
Hometown: Saskatoon, Sk

Magical light, humble, competitive, fiercely intelligent, full of character, hard worker, generous hearted, fantastic athlete, a great sense of humor, a team guy through and through.

Evan was a magical light – lighting our lives with his engaging smile and generous heart. He was a fantastic athlete and an even better student. He played a lot of baseball and hockey and he loved his teammates. Sometimes we think Evan played the sport not so much because he loved the sport itself, but because he loved the people he played with. Evan played baseball with the Saskatoon Blue Jays and went to the Canadian National finals in 2014, where he won a gold glove award. In hockey he was picked in the Bantam draft by the Kootenay Ice of the WHL. In school he could pull out a 95% in almost any subject and with little effort. He was a prolific learner and it came easy to him.

Evan enjoyed family vacations, most recently in Cuba and Dominican Republic, but also the many years of family time at the lake where he will forever hold the Kaiser and Cribbage belts. For Evan the best was yet to come. He would have excelled in whatever he would have chosen to do, as he would have pursued a career with the same zeal that he displayed in his sport and academic achievements