Glen Doerksen
Bus Driver
59 Years Old
Born: April 2, 1959
Hometown: Prince George, BC

Accomplished athlete, active volunteer, lover of golf, avid story teller, social butterfly, being around Glen was like being around fun.

He was an accomplished athlete, playing all sports he could, his favorites being football and basketball, and receiving the Male Athlete of the Year award in Grade 11. After high school, Glen took Computer Programming at Herzing Institute in Winnipeg and worked there for a few years. In 1986 he took Business Administration at STI in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, where he met his wife Karen (Holitski) Doerksen. After living and working in Winnipeg and Alberta, Glen moved his family back to Carrot River in 1995.

Driving buses for Charlie’s was something he really loved, especially when he was driving for hockey teams. He was a dedicated family man, always involved in his son and daughter’s many athletic activities. He was an active volunteer in community sports organizations and always willing to contribute his time and talent wherever it was needed. Glen also loved to golf and fish but his biggest love was socializing. Being around Glen was being around fun, listening to his stories and lots of laughter.