Jaxon Joseph
#13 - Centre
20 Years Old
Born: Spetember 15, 1997
Hometown: Edmonton, AB

A glue guy, driven, competitive, a hell of a friend, energetic, outgoing, ping pong enthusiast, a role model on and off the ice, he lived every day with passion and love.

Jaxon, “Joey”, spent his life doing what he loved, playing hockey. Hockey has always been a huge part of his life, from Germany to St. Albert to Humboldt. Jaxon’s big heart, his charming smile, and his warm, loving personality touched many and left lasting impressions. Jaxon loved all dogs, especially his “Sam”. His other passions included spending time with his family, summers at Lake Osoyoos and hanging out with the boys.

He was the kind of guy that brightened up the locker room.  He was a super friendly, energetic, outgoing guy that made you smile whenever you were with him. He was never the star, never the grinder, but super flexible. He was a partner in crime, “favorite child”, and best friend to his brother and sister.