Parker Tobin
#30 - Goalie
18 Years Old
Born: September 22, 1999
Hometown: Stony Plain, AB

Endless optimist, witty jokester, kind and gentle soul, passionate learner, infectious smile, avid gamer, stand-up guy, generous with his time, an inspiration to his teammates.

Parker was a wonderful, athletic, funny, and intelligent young man who took life in stride.  His calm, sensible demeanor was flavored with dry humor that clearly came from his Newfie roots but he was born in Fort McMurray, AB.  He loved being a part of any sports team especially hockey – Parker was a goalie through and through.  He followed in his dad’s footsteps by playing baseball and softball In the summer and hockey in the winter.  Parker was the captain of the floorball team and was known for being a teacher of the game.  He was also possibly the youngest player coach ever on top of being the team chef- serving Icheban noodles for the carb loads before the game.

As Parker grew from a boy into a teenager we could see that he was becoming a strong, dedicated and confident young man.  He excelled in school and was developing wonderful leadership skills.  He was always competitive but humble, and his amazing sense of humor led to outrageous gym class outfits, a real Richard Simmons knock off.  He didn’t take things too seriously and had so much enthusiasm and so many plans for the future.  Parker was looking forward to pursuing a career in business and finance, and it suited him. He had a real desire to help others, was an amazing mathematician and was incredibly patient.