Stephen Wack
#7 - Defense
21 Years Old
Born: January 25, 1997
Hometown: St. Albert, AB

Amazing big brother, photographer, videographer, adventurer, role model, generous, humble, modest, selfless, gentle giant, incredibly passionate, he had the world by the tail. 

Stephen was so good at making connections. He made such a point of keeping up with family and friends and he was incredibly loyal. He had endless positive traits: generosity, humility, honesty, patience. Stephen was genuine and compassionate, never forgetting the underdog. He was witty with such a good sense of humour and an infectious laugh.  He radiated joy, and his smile could light up any room.  Everything you did with Stephen was just so much more fun. The tenacity that Stephen displayed throughout his life was simply incredible, he had a work ethic like no other — he just never quit.

He was also incredibly ambitious. Stephen was passionate about videography and was a very creative adventurous and intelligent young man.  Stephen was able to see the extraordinary in the mundane, and he spoke about pursuing a career in video design. He worked hard and earned his place on the honour roll every year at school. Stephen lived his life to the fullest, each and every day. He had a very strong faith, and we know that our big guy is now with the Big Guy. He will be forever lovingly remembered by all of us, especially his number one fan – his younger brother Justin.