Update On Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc.

Today the board of directors of the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc. (HBMFI) announced the process that will be used to distribute the money donated via GoFundMe for the individuals and families impacted by the tragedy of April 6, 2018.

Saskatchewan is the only jurisdiction in Canada with a legislated process for administration of funds raised through a public appeal. The provincial Informal Public Appeals Act sets out a process that will be used by  the HBMFI to administer and allocate the funds for their intended purpose. These steps, which have been commenced, include  the appointment of a supervising  judge of  the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench,  a proposed court order approving an  Advisory Committee to make recommendations regarding allocation of the funds; application for a hearing, a timeline for allocation of funds, and other procedural items.

“Our focus remains, as it has from the very beginning, on supporting our families,” said HBMFI director Kevin Garinger. “We have made them aware of the legislated process, as well as our ongoing commitment to ensuring their financial needs are served, whether that’s through the continued facilitation of insurance payments, or this exercise of the distribution of 100% of these donated funds.”

“We wholeheartedly support the Humboldt Broncos as they take on the overwhelming and unprecedented task of managing this fund,” said Scott Thomas, parent of the late Evan Thomas. “The legislation in place in Saskatchewan may make this process take a little longer than that of other victims’ funds, however given the amount of money in play, we are pleased that there are a number of checks and balances in place to ensure the funds are distributed in a transparent and fair way.”

The Humboldt Broncos’ family is #HumboldtStrong and united and will remain so as we move forward together in support of those affected by 6 April.



Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc. (HBMFI) is a non-profit corporation created to oversee the allocation of the funds contributed via Go Fund Me in response to the tragedy which occurred on April 6th, 2018 (6 April). HBMFI is working to allocate those funds for the benefit of those who were injured and the families of those who lost their lives as a result of 6 April.

The HBMFI is overseen by a board of directors, assisted by legal counsel MLT Aikins, and will receive recommendations from a soon-to-be-appointed advisory committee. All officers, directors, legal counsel and advisory committee members will serve without compensation and all services necessary for the operation of the HBMFI will be contributed free of charge, unless the settlements are contested.

The GoFundMe Campaign raised donations of $15,174,900.00.  After deduction of fees charged by GoFundMe, the net amount of funds which HBMFI anticipates receiving from the donated monies is $14,676,373,94. 100% of these monies will be allocated for their intended purpose.

In 2015, the Government of Saskatchewan enacted legislation regarding crowdfunding donations known as The Informal Public Appeals Act, which is unique in Canada. The Act outlines a court-supervised process that supports the distribution of funds raised through crowd funding efforts.